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Reported shows employers who have pay ratios listed at Pay Compare

Declined shows employers who have been asked for their pay ratios and have said they do not want to provide these

Legend shows the descriptions of the codes we use for Model of Calculation and Type of Employer in our pay ratio information


These employers have made their pay ratios available for public inspection and comparison

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These employers have been declined to make their pay ratios public

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Model of calculationEmployer type
1 - Unreported or otherwise uncertainACD - AcademyNMDC - Non-metropolitan district council
2 - Highest : median of whole workforceBC - Borough councilPC - Parish council
3 - Highest : median of non-chief officersBS - Building societyPLC - Public limited company
4 - Highest : mean of whole workforceCC - County councilPOL - Political party
5 - Highest : lowestCHR - CharityPUB - Public body
6 - Mean of chief officers : mean of non-chief officersCIC - Community interest companyRO - Religious organisation
7 - Highest : median of whole workforce excluding highestCOL - CollegeSC - Scottish Council
8 - Highest : prevailing UK National Minimum Wage (at 21+ years old)COOP - Co-operativeSCHL - School
9 - Highest : prevailing UK National Living WageDC - District councilSEP - Social enterprise
10 - Highest : prevailing UK Living WageLBC - London borough councilSG - Sui generis
11 - Highest : prevailing UK London Living WageLLP - Limited liability partnershipTC - Town council
LTD - Private limited companyUNA - Unitary authority
MBC - Metropolitan borough councilUNLTD - Unlimited organisation
MDC - Metropolitan district councilUNI - University
NFP - Not-for-profitUNON - Union
NHSFT - NHS Foundation TrustVOL - Voluntary organisation
NHST - NHS TrustWCB - Welsh county borough

URI (Universal Resource Identifier) is a unique web address which provides basic details about an organisation. Not every organisation has one of these yet.