About Pay Compare

Pay Compare is an independent, not-for-profit organisation funded entirely by the generous donations and contributions of our supporters.

We want a fairer economy that achieves improved wellbeing for all.

We help consumers and investors favour fairer employers by providing a free website of UK employer pay ratios.

We campaign to make pay ratio reporting common practice in the UK.


Pay Compare are:

Stuart Hill CQP MCQI founded Pay Compare. He is our Executive Director and also acts as our company secretary. Stuart works for Pay Compare on a voluntary basis.

"Business is without doubt one of the greatest human social forces on the planet. Businesses can lead the way then in changing our world to make this a better place in which we can all live. Against a growing public concern about excessive pay awards, I founded Pay Compare to help businesses demonstrate to their customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders throughout our society, their commitment to fair and transparent pay. So I urge business leaders from all sectors to join those already publishing their pay ratios at Pay Compare, and in so doing to be publicly seen at the forefront of fair pay reporting in the United Kingdom."

Bill Kerry FCIS joined Pay Compare as our first Non-executive Director in 2014. Bill works for Pay Compare on a voluntary basis.

"Pay Compare’s exciting and ambitious mission to map pay dispersion in the UK will, for the first time, provide consumers, investors and employees with valuable information as to the fairness of the organisations they are dealing with on a daily basis. As a non-executive director of Pay Compare I hope I can contribute some relevant experience gained during the setting up of The Equality Trust as well as some knowledge of governance matters drawn from my background as a chartered secretary in the private, charitable and social enterprise sectors."

Emily Kenway joined Pay Compare to provide campaign advice to our Board in 2016. Emily advises Pay Compare on a voluntary basis.

"There have been many campaigns on pay at both ends of the spectrum. The Living Wage campaign has challenged in-work poverty while the High Pay Centre and others have highlighted the exponential growth of pay at the top. But to date, there has been no coherent campaign bringing these two narratives together to challenge the relationship between them and its extreme inequality. Pay Compare can do this by using transparency to raise awareness and shift acceptable practices. I bring experience of campaign strategy, including on specific pay campaigns and corporate CSR to Pay Compare, supporting it to succeed in its ambitious and important objective."

Pay Compare is a company limited by guarantee and registered in England as No. 08974596
Postal correspondence and registered office: 49 Station Road, Polegate, East Sussex BN26 6EA United Kingdom